3 de agosto de 2013

Economics Statement of Purpose.

“Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies.” said John F. Kennedy to the Canadian Parliament in 1961. 

 For many years the study of economics has been one of my greatest interests: knowing what makes the world tick is exciting. The world is enormous and ruled by the economy, and being an economics student gives you a vast point of view in order to understand the world. I have wanted to study Economics ever since I began to study geography in Paraguay, when I became interested in finding the answers to questions related to economics, including: how does money gain its real value; how you can use mathematics and statistics to solve problems and to project economic plans for undeveloped and/or developing countries; and, how do banks work? I am interested in joining a program in the department of economics in order to find the answers to these questions.

 The reason why I have chosen Taiwan to become my Alma Mater is not only because of its background in training leaders, but also due to its large and outstanding faculty. Taiwan an ideal learning environment, both inside and outside of class, allowing me the opportunity to develop a sense of independence while expanding my social life. Studying in Taiwan will allow me to fully develop my potential and to become an excellent professional, as it has done with many other students. I am interested in pursuing coursework related to the Mathematical Economics, Introduction to Game Theory and Econometrics, a unique opportunity that only Taiwan offers. 

 Everyone interested in history and economics knows that the Republic of China is one of the most important emerging nations in the world. Taiwan’s rich language and culture make it one of the most interesting and rewarding places to study economics. Taiwan has made a good balance between promoting modern economic development while retaining many traditional customs. Because Paraguay is one of the oldest countries that has established diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and is Taiwan’s oldest political ally from South America (since 1957), studying in this nation is perfect for helping me to fulfil my goals. 

 I hope to gain several skills over the course of my undergraduate degree. I hope to gain a base of solid skills that will allow me to address questions related to the study of economics, while gaining the capacity to handle figures with an analytical mind. By studying economics, I hope to contribute to the welfare of the people of both Taiwan and Paraguay. Because of the broad applicability of economics and the important nature of the questions which economics is able to address, I believe that only the study of economics will lead to a career which will satisfy my curiosity and allow me to address the widespread poverty and economic crises of my homeland.

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