14 de agosto de 2012

Una Copa de Vino... or a Tale?

Coloque mi copa sobre una Enciclopedia de 1999, recordando la entrevista que Vargas Llosa realizo a Borges en el futuro. Él había dicho que las enciclopedias de ahora ya no son libros de lectura si no de consulta.Concuerdo con Él.

En el año 1914 cayo en mis manos una enciclopedia del excelentísimo C. Plinii Secundi titulada Naturalis Historiae, y lo estropee con una copa de vino. Mis colegas me observaron con sus ojos turbios, manchar aquel papel textil con un tono sangriento fue uno de los errores mas graves que he cometido hasta ahora.

98 años después, todos ellos ya habían fallecido; pero yo quede aquí en el mundo, con el pedazo de papel textil manchado con vino. Al mirarlo hoy "it was blood stained with all the rests of my fellows". Who is so mean to do something like that?.

I still have my cup of wine. I can live with it. But, What would happen to my fellows' souls. Which for sure are wandering over the globe, since they can't rest in peace due to the blood stained piece of paper from that ancient Encyclopedia....

I've tried thousands of ways to get rid of that cursed piece.... The old man said to me: "You must travel to the old land of the tibetans, they will know what to do"

I went to them, I showed them the piece of paper, they offered me a cup of wine... Which was strange since they don't drink alcohol but I was exhausted 'cause of the long journey in my bare feet trough the Himalaya Mountains. After they checked out the piece of paper, they told me there's one unique flower that grows only in the Nordic Mountains when it's spring that can take out the wine mark that became blood stain.

I rided a horse the monks gifted me side by side with a young acolyte named Xu Sanzhao, a taoist acolyte who spended his childhood in the Wudang's Mountain. He was quite reckless.

Despite the long trip we found the flower. It was blue just like the eyes of that Blue Eyes Girl that I met one time. But thats another tale. We couldn't figure out how to use the flower to erase the mark, so we traveled all the way down to the Tibet. It was terrible what we found at our arrive. The Dalai Lama was murdered by some strange occidental warriors who escape lightning fast when we got there.

To be continued....

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